Tuesday, October 4, 2011

my favorite (October) things...

skeleton straws

flags from joan (birthday gift)
my bat shirt

candy corn

witch lady

And...raisin filled cookies (all the way from Wisconsin).
As I may have mentioned, my birthday is in October.  A few days ago I received an early present...baked by my dad, packed and sent by my mom.  My dad is an artist and baker extraordinaire. And, if you love raisin filled cookies (and let's face it, there's no middle ground, you either love raisins or hate them)... as I was saying, if you love raisin cookies, these are unparalleled.  So, I opened the package to find two huge cookies, almost resembling small pies.  In my family, Sierra and I are the only ones who really appreciate these cookies, so I was happy to share with her. My dad also makes the most incredible strawberry shortcake, more about that in the summer..... 

The experiences I had with my dad growing up are some of my happiest memories...he was just not a typical dad. I love this pic (with G-bee) from a few years back...this is my dad..hands-on, involved, supportive and always, always creative.

I love my dad
I love October

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