Monday, October 17, 2011

Gbee's funnies

You know how your kids say funny things sometimes and you think, “ I need to write that down," but you don’t, because by the time you’ve completed that thought, a different one of those kids now needs you for something else? That happened to me all the time when our kids were younger.  Now that our youngest is eight, I’m realizing how fast the days go by.  So, here’s me (finally) writing (blogging) a few of my most favorite recent conversations/thoughts from Gbee…

You know those WWJD bracelets? I’ve never been one to question my kid’s behavior based on that premise…I kind of feel like that approach trivializes something sacred.  However, in our fhe recently, we talked a lot about the Savior and how he treated the people around him (in hopes that our kids might be a little nicer to each other). So, a couple of nights ago, the third child comes out wearing Gentry’s pajama bottoms (never mind that she hardly ever wears that pair) and immediately Gentry starts protesting.  “Why is she wearing my pants?” and, “You need to take those off right now!!!” etc… So, thinking back to our fhe lesson, I say something like, “Gentry, what do you think Jesus would do?  Do you think he would let Sierra borrow his pants?”  To which she looks at me and responds… “Robe, mom”.  “What?”  I ask.  Gentry-“Don’t you mean borrow his robe?”

Remember those yummiest Utah peaches from a few weeks back?  Well, everyone in our family appreciates those peaches, except Gentry.
     A few nights ago I’m getting ready for bed, taking off my make-up in our bathroom.  Gentry is next to me, examining her mouth in the mirror and asks, “Mom, what do taste-buds look like?”  “They’re the little bumps on your tongue,” I respond.  G-“They’re kind of brown and yellow, right”…Me-“Yes, I guess that’s a good description.”  G-”So that’s only place in your mouth that can taste anything?”  Me…”yep”.  G-“So if it goes somewhere else in your mouth, you won’t taste it?” Me….”yep”.  Pause……G......(pensively)”That’s good to know next time I have to eat peaches.”

During one of Gregg’s recent trips, Gentry is sleeping with me in my bed (the younger two still take turns).  My alarm goes off.  It’s set to a classical music radio station (I highly recommend waking up this way, it’s very pleasant).   Anyway, my alarm goes off with I what I believe was a lovely Mozart piece.  Gentry wakes up, looks at me, and says, “Wow, that sounds like we’re at a feast!”

What are your “favorite funnies” with your kids?

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