Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kirtland , OH

If you ever take a church history tour, go in the fall.  Yes, you'll miss the Hill Cumorah pageant, but the beautiful weather and your kids increased attention span will make up for it.  We're on day five (Kirtland) and all six of our kids are still engaged.

This has been my favorite day of our tour....the faith of our pioneer ancestors humbles me. In the Newel K. Whitney store you could buy all the basic necessities.  If you needed a new shirt, cloth and thread were available... then you got to sew that new shirt. I hate to sew (just as Ms. Potts, my 8th grade home- ec. teacher).

These sweet missionaries are Brother and Sister Steele.  Sister Steele had a voice tremour (imagine Katharine Hepburn) and we all fell in love with her.  They were both so kind and attentive to each other, and together they gave us an unforgettable tour.

This next pic is a completely candid photo that I took of Gentry.  I had this great idea (before we left) that I would get each one of our kids a journal so they could record their experiences....two of the four really took this idea to heart (the other two shall remain unnamed).  I've been a mom long enough to know that even though some of my "great ideas" don't always pan out the way I'd planned, good can still come of them.  This was one of those times.  Gentry was so excited about everything she learned today.  She kept slipping off to the side and would quickly rummage through her backpack, produce her journal and pen, and write furiously.  It made me happy.

Still loving the fall leaves...


The Kirtland Temple

Downtime.  Next stop...Nauvoo, IL.

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