Wednesday, October 19, 2011

making time

I have always loved reading to my kids.  We especially love Halloween books.  I wanted to share one of our favorites...

We all love this book, everything about it.  Even though our youngest is eight (and currently reading the 6th Harry Potter), she still likes me to read to her.  I'm so glad, because I'm already having major sadness over my senior leaving in a year, and if no one would let me read to them, I'd probably have to go borrow a kid somewhere. As I look back, reading to my kids through the years was one of the best things I ever did.  Everything about it was positive...cuddling with them, getting to use my acting skills (no comments please),  having true "interactive" time and let's not forget, the opportunity to sit down for just a minute.
         Mom's have such a hard time with that last part.  Sometimes my husband will say, "Can't you just take a break for a minute?"  I usually reply with, "Can you sit down and take a break when you're in the middle of your office?"  It is kind of a funny concept.  Let's face it, mom's are always at work, there's not a time clock, punch card, or 30 minute lunch break.  Having said that, I've also realized, through the years, that I do have to make time for "down-time" or I turn into the crazy (not very nice)  mom. I'm so grateful I took that "down time" to read to my kids.
       All of our favorite stories, for me,  also have favorite memories attached to them.  I can picture Drew when he was two.  He loved the book, "Arthur's Vacation".  He was my latest talker.  Until age 2 1/2, he had one word, "ahco".  Not a word you say?...that didn't matter, if he wanted something (anything) he called it "ahco".  I have a distinct picture in my mind...Drew in pajamas, snuggled next to me and pointing to the picture of a lobster (in Arthur's vacation) and saying "ahco".  Of everything I've given to my kids, I think giving them my time has had the biggest return rate (love).