Monday, October 24, 2011


Oh my Monday!
Alarm goes off and I can't seem to pull out from my level four dream (think Inception) and my Tylenol PM hangover.
The younger two are super grumpy and no one wants to get out of bed.
I have a major case of "Sunday house" (see definition at the bottom).
Gentry and I finally make it out the door.
She quotes Julian Smith's milk video OVER and Over and over again on the drive.
(did not know the teenagers had shown her this)
Get back home in time to see the third child headed to school (in the same clothes she wore yesterday).
Walk into the house to see her lunch still sitting on the counter.
Start on my 8 loads of laundry.
Think about how much I'd love to crawl back into bed.
...and here goes another week.

On a very good note...
Last night all the RS presidents in this area were invited to hear Sister Julie Beck speak.  She was amazing and gave me a lot of hope to face "Mondays" and everything else I have to do in my life.

*Sunday house: a condition of one's home (very familiar to most moms) in which one's home looks like it imploded on itself as a result of Sunday's activites....getting 6 people presentable and out the door for church, the feeding frenzy that goes on after church, the big Sunday dinner, the pillow fort building in the family room, the unbelievable amount of dirty socks (without matches) strung through out the house, and the condition of the kitchen floor that has reached a new level of "sticky"....Sunday house.